Library History

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Charlevoix opened its first reading room in 1886, then opened a Carnegie Library in 1909. The Carnegie was sold and a replacement was built and opened in 1967. In 2004 voters passed a debt millage to renovate the historic 1927 school building and turn it into a modern, fully technologically current, new library. For more information about the renovation process, check out the scrapbook from the library: "Dream, Vision, Reality: Building the Charlevoix Library, 2004-2006," 977.486 DREA

The signature piece in the Library's Art Collection is painted on the curved wall in the entry. Artist Charles Thompson designed the mural to reflect the era of the late 1920's in Charlevoix, Michigan, the time of the original construction of the building.


Reading Room: 1886 - 1908


Carnegie Library: 1909 – 1967

1968 – 2006

2006 – present