Meet The Youth Staff

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Ms. Audrey, Ms. Sandi and Ms. Laura 
with Baffling Bill's Gus the Bunny

Audrey Shapiro

I have always been an artist and I have sold my work for over 30 years. Wow that makes me sound REALLY old!! At one time I was an elementary art school teacher, so I know how to do all kinds of art.

I have lived in Charlevoix for thirteen years, with my dog Gordie. I have one son who is married and lives in Charlevoix. I love my job!

Sandi DiSante

I have been a kid my whole life. Working in the youth department is the best job! I like to garden, play with my dog Ginger, ride my bike, read, visit friends/family and be silly. I have traveled to many states and other countries. Some day I’m going to run away with the circus!

Laura Migda, aka Ms. Laura

I was born and raised in Charlevoix. The first book I remember reading is The Secret Garden. Now, I love reading anything with short chapters and a fast storyline. Thursdays at the library are my favorite because all of my story time friends come to visit. Being a librarian is tons of fun!